Judith Fanto has received the Hebban Debut Prize 2020 for


a historical novel that was published by Ambo Anthos publishers last March.

"Fanto masters the Dutch language to perfection, knows how to set up dialogues, uses a flexible storytelling style that makes writing them seem effortless and wrote a novel about the Second World War without resembling all existing novels", according to the jury report .

Other contenders for the prize were

Bianca Boer's

Rotating Days


Lucia van den Brink's

Nobody Like



Splinter Chabot's


Rain and

Dido Michielsen's

Lichter dan ik


This selection was chosen by a jury of 100 people.

The final jury consists of booksellers and editors from the Hebban platform.

The Hebban Debuutprijs is an incentive prize for debutants and was awarded for the fifth time this year.

Previous winners were Lize Spit, Roxane van Iperen and Antoinette Beumer.

Last year Thomas Rueb received the award for his book

Laura H