Humanity is coming to an end, a global war of God is putting an end to it.

Religious fundamentalists who cultivate the Roman Mithraic cult want to kill all non-believers or unbelievers.

The hostile groups fight each other with the help of flying robots and in the process lay the whole planet in rubble and ashes. 

The year is 2145 after the birth of Christ.

Once again it is proven here that religion is of no use except for sowing discord.

The obvious idea is to try again without religion or any other metaphysical bells and whistles when restarting humanity after the apocalypse.

So a pair of androids built by atheists named Mother and Father set off on a journey to the next habitable planet in order to create a new non-religious human race from twelve embryos they carried with them.

Adam and Eve return to the Garden of Eden with their twelve disciples: This is the starting point for the new science fiction series

Raised by Wolves

, which was written by Aaron Guzikowski;

The producer is Ridley Scott, who has been dealing with the future of mankind for over 40 years, and that means: with the creation of future worlds that seem as hostile as possible, from


(1979) to

Blade Runner

(1982) to



Scott also directed the first two episodes of

Raised by Wolves


Meanwhile, one can see the androids colonizing the planet Kepler-22B and trying to raise their human wards.

The parental success is manageable, however, one child after another catches a cold and dies until after a few years only one boy (Winta McGrath) is left.

And then there is also an uninvited visit from Earth: A spaceship called "Die Arche" transports followers of the Mithras cult - who with their white robes and sun symbols look more like a mixture of crusaders and Nazi esotericists, which already suggests that they are Arriving life on Kepler-22Bcomplicated.

Would humanity be better without religion?

Or do people have to believe in anything because it is in their nature?

Are the only truly unbelieving beings androids?

How do children develop who are raised not by human parents but by parent-like machines?

These are the big questions that

Raised by Wolves


At least the last one is never answered - the authors allow themselves too little time from the outset to watch the children grow up, in the development of their relationships with one another and with their parents.

And just when the story seems to gain a little more psychological precision, it swings around conflicts that have been imported into the supposed Garden of Eden and the extensive use of bang, boom and other special effects.

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At least these look excellent, like the entire production design of

Raised by Wolves, the

extrasolar planet Kepler-22B (which actually exists, it is 600 light years away from Earth and is considered by astronomers to be one of the best candidates for reasonably humane living conditions in our galactic neighborhood ) is drawn as a barren and mysterious world that is dawning in shades of gray, whose moderately fertile soil can only be turned into a field with great difficulty.

The Adam and Eve androids fly up in a fascinating space glider made of flowing shapes and are also very well dressed.

Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim) wear skin-tight silvery full-body condoms and could have sprung straight from the psychedelic SF new wave of the 1960s;

With her short, bleached hair and lean, androgynous appearance, Mother looks like a revenant of Ziggy Stardust, the bisexual alien that David Bowie once sent from Mars to earth to bring people the messianic message that they can be beautiful and free - just like he.