Every Friday, the music streaming service Spotify refreshes the New Music Friday playlist, containing a large proportion of the new singles released by national and international artists.

NU.nl lists a number of striking releases.

Nick & Simon -

East wind

Nick & Simon recently announced a new album inspired by the sound of their idols Simon & Garfunkel.

The record will

be called


, which stands for Nick & Simon & Garfunkel, and is the successor of the 2017 release



The duo was surprised earlier this week by a video message from Paul Simon, who had seen a performance by them.

"Many of our songs have a hopeful message. But sometimes something bad happens in people's lives, where there is no happy ending at all," says Nick about the story behind the first single



Although the song is inspired by the sound of Simon & Garfunkel, the melody is also reminiscent of the song

Walk Me Home

by singer Pink.

Listen to the song here

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Marshmello & Demi Lovato -

OK Not To Be OK

Producer Marshmello is not shy about collaborations with major artists from the pop world.

He has already scored hits with artists such as Bastille, Juice Wrld, Halsey, Anne-Marie, Selena Gomez and Khalid.

His new single

OK Not To Be OK

is a collaboration with singer Demi Lovato, who returned earlier this year with singles like



I Love Me

after a period of depression, addiction and overdose.

On the new single Lovato sings about how important it is to have someone around you who tells you that you don't always have to be strong in tough times.

Listen to the song here

David Guetta & Sia -

Let's Love

David Guetta and Sia can't get enough of each other.

The French DJ and Australian singer are already releasing their ninth collaboration with the song

Let's Love


They previously scored big hits together like



She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)




Let's Love

is a single inspired by the pop sound of the eighties.

Guetta says that he mainly hopes to bring some hope and joy to people in times of isolation.

Listen to the song here

Typhoon & Paskal Jakobsen -

Walnut tree

Typhoon and Paskal Jakobsen have found each other again.

The rapper and the singer of the band BLØF have previously worked together on the single

Wereld van Verschil


Jakobsen now provides the choruses on


's new single

Walnut Tree


The rapper describes the song on Instagram as 'a journey inward, one that is about healing, acceptance and self-love'.

Typhoon's new album will be released in the fall.

Listen to the song here

Janelle Monáe -


The documentary

All In: The Fight For Democracy will be released

on Friday 18 September

in which the fight against

voter suppression

(a method whereby groups are discouraged from voting in elections) is central.

Singer Janelle Monáe provides the soundtrack


on which she raps about what is wrong in America today and that changes are imminent.

Monáe can also be seen in the cinema since this week.

She plays the lead in the horror film



Listen to the song here


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