In conversation with the


Igmar Felicia

told more about his difficult childhood and his bad relationship with his father.

The thirty-year-old Radio 538 DJ says that, even when he had no contact with him, he always wanted to earn respect from his father.

Felicia says that he and his family used to be Jehovah's Witnesses.

“We led a double life in our family,” said the DJ.

"In De Zaal (the church where Jehovah's Witnesses meet, ed.) We behaved properly. At home it was very different. My father used a lot of verbal and non-verbal abuse. There was always a kind of icy tension. go wrong. "

When the radio DJ was seventeen, his parents separated after the situation at home escalated.

"All of a sudden my mother stopped going to church and left for Curaçao; that's where we come from originally. My father never returned."

Felicia and his father did not speak to each other for nine years.

At the time, I did everything to recognize my father. I remember being at the Golden Radio Ring Gala once and only thinking about winning. Even if I get an Oscar, I think my father's respect is more important. while making the radio that he would make himself heard. That he would be proud. "

In 2016, the two met again on Curaçao, but the meeting did not go smoothly according to the DJ.

"I don't get much back from him and that hurts. And yet I visit him every year. Fuck it, I just want to see him. An afternoon. Then I recharge myself, he drinks a lot of beer, we get angry with each other. and I will leave again. "

Felicia announced in May this year that she had received a message from his half-sister, his father's daughter.

He tells in the interview that they recently met.

"Then you see so many landmarks." You have the same smile, "she said." And we both hide so much behind that smile. "

But she's got a completely different life. She didn't grow up like Jehovah. "