The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Aid (BBK) has emphasized the importance of the nationwide test alarm scheduled for 11 a.m.

"The warning is an extremely important aspect of civil protection," said the President of the Federal Office, Christoph Unger.

On the one hand, the alarm should be used to put the warning process through its paces.

On the other hand, citizens should be informed about the warning.

The test alarm is the first since reunification.

It starts at 11 a.m., and the all-clear should follow at 11:20 a.m.

Different warning options are to be tested in the event of a disaster - such as sirens, announcements via loudspeakers, messages via social media and warning apps as well as digital billboards.

The citizens should get to know the processes so that they can correctly perceive and classify the warning messages in an emergency, BBK too.

"The task of warning the population is to reach as many people as possible via various warning channels," said Unger.

The importance and topicality of the topic of warning is also shown by the corona developments this year.

Create sensitivity for the topic

"It's not about fueling fear and hysteria," said Unger.

But neither should one lull the population.

The fact is that the Germans are not very familiar with the topic, and that carries risks.

For example, you should always have supplies in the house for a few days.

"Above all, our aim is to encourage people to think about the issue," said Unger.

"We saw on a warning day in North Rhine-Westphalia that children in schools and kindergartens dealt with the topic. This creates a certain sensitivity, and that is important to us."