Due to the bad news that usually dominates the front page of NU.nl, the good news often falls away.

That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of the past days.

UNICEF: The Netherlands scores highest on child welfare

The Netherlands has the highest score in the field of child welfare of the 41 most prosperous countries on earth, UNICEF reports on Thursday based on its own research.

Denmark and Norway are also in the top three.

The children's rights organization has conducted worldwide research into the mental and physical health of children aged up to and including eighteen years.

Their social and academic skills were also examined.

The Netherlands has the highest overall score.

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Special wild animals spotted in the Netherlands and Belgium

In the Semois valley in the Belgian Ardennes, an unmanned camera has spotted a lynx.

According to the landscape association, this proves that the feline has settled in the area.

Observations have been reported before, but the photo taken at the end of August is irrefutable evidence, according to the nature association.

In addition, Natuurmonumenten in the Netherlands shared unique images of a she-wolf living in the South Veluwe.

The she-wolf has been in the nature reserve since mid-May.

Wildlife cameras have now uniquely managed to capture the animal's daily routine.


Unique images of a hunting wolf in the Veluwe

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Sudan signs historic peace agreement with rebels

The Sudanese government signed a peace deal on Monday with an alliance of the country's largest rebel groups.

In doing so, the parties hope to end the ongoing conflicts in the African country.

The agreement lays down, among other things, the dismantling of the various rebel groups and the integration of their fighters into the national Sudanese army.

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King Willem-Alexander for the first time depicted with a beard on a coin

King Willem-Alexander is printed on a coin with his beard for the first time.

It will be placed on the Woudagemaal Fiver.

This special commemorative coin will be minted this autumn on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.

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Expansion of ten-minute trains in 2022

From 2022, a train will run every ten minutes on the routes Nijmegen-Arnhem-Utrecht-Schiphol and between Schiphol-Leiden-The Hague-Rotterdam, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure) wrote to the Lower House on Tuesday.

At the moment there are four trains per hour on these routes, which should become six in just eighteen months.

The so-called ten-minute trains have been running between Amsterdam and Eindhoven for 2.5 years.

According to Van Veldhoven, this timetable is "very well appreciated" by travelers.

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Utrecht paleontologist finds special dinosaur fossil

Researchers from Utrecht University and National Museums of Scotland have discovered a special fossil of a dinosaur on the Scottish island of Eigg.

The fossil dates back to the Middle Jurassic period, 174 to 163 million years ago.

According to paleontologist Femke Holwerda of Utrecht University, it is probably a fibula of a stegosaurus.

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