No lukewarm beers and tents in Biddinghuizen this year: Lowlands will take place online this time due to the corona virus. Frank van der Lende and Eva Koreman report on the digital festival and tell how they will experience the three days.

What makes this online edition of Lowlands so special in your eyes?

Van der Lende: "It will of course not be the same as the regular Lowlands, but we still want to mimic that Lowlands feeling a bit. Watching your favorite band together, being drunk and broke together, really that community feeling. beautiful and that is something we are going to try to convey. It is and remains a cloth for the bleeding, but still. "

Koreman: "You better ask: what's not special? For many people, Lowlands is a landmark in the year they are always present. Now Lowlands is not only a hole in the agenda, but also a hole in the heart. I thought it would be an empty weekend, so I am very happy that VPRO 3voor12, 3FM and Lowlands have set this up together. "

How is it possible to create a festival atmosphere without the festival?

Koreman: "What I would do? Turn on the livestream on a big screen together with the people you would actually go to Lowlands with. Go from Friday to Sunday as you would at the festival, but then in your own backyard. We really want festivals, so don't just sit behind your computer, but also put on your crazy hat. "

3FM DJs visit partygoers who celebrate Lowlands at home. How do you ensure that corona measures are enforced?

Koreman: "We have asked everyone who has registered to comply with the corona measures. If they cannot guarantee this, we will not pass them. And of course we stick to the rules ourselves. We have a microphone on a fishing rod. to keep the 1.5 meter distance. "

What are you most looking forward to?

Van der Lende: "Mainly recalling beautiful memories. A favorite moment for me was the performance by Anderson Paak last year. I did not know what I saw of the best man. In addition, everything can be seen on the fourth livestream, except music. : science, dance, philosophy, literature ... I like that, because then you see the substantive part of Lowlands. Normally a kind of private society is created with its own norms and values. That is so beautiful and I like it that that is also conveyed. "

Koreman: "What I'm really looking forward to is that Eefje de Visser will perform. I think it's incredible what a development that woman has gone through. I am longing for such a performance."

To what extent has the corona crisis had an impact on your being a DJ?

Van der Lende "I thought about that quite a lot. In terms of work, everything went ahead for me. In the middle of the corona crisis, Eva and I started our new program, which was very special. Many more people are currently listening to the radio, it offers really a kind of support. Due to the disappearance of festivals I had many free weekends, but the crisis ensured that I became closer with my inner circle. I thought that was very nice. I was with a small club all the time and that was very valuable. I really saw who my good friends were. "

Koreman: "It actually had quite an impact. My work just continued, only the programs were so different without guests and live music. The extra edition of Serious Request made a deep impression on me. It was also good to notice that people much more in need of one-on-one contact, as it became much busier in the 3FM app. "

Lowlands free: united can be followed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday via, NPO 3FM and