British actor Ben Cross died in Austria at the age of 72. Shortly before his death, he finished filming the thriller The Devil's Light , family representatives said. Daughter Lauren thanked her father's fans on Facebook for years of support. She is heartbroken over the death of her father. "He's been sick for a while but there has been a rapid decline over the past week." According to the Austrian courier , Cross had been treated for cancer in Vienna.

Cross is best known from the film drama The Victory's Hour from 1981, in which he played the Jewish Olympic athlete Harold Abrahams. The film had won several Academy Awards.

Cross has appeared in numerous film and television productions, including in 2007 in the Star Trek movie and in the lead role in the TV series Palace of the Wind . In Star Trek he played the role of Ambassador Sarek, Mister Spock's father.

The actor comes from a working Catholic family in London. In Great Britain he had been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, among other things. He was married several times and leaves behind his daughter Lauren and son Theo.