Eighteen years later, two men are charged in 2002 in connection with the murder of Run-DMC member and rapper Jam Master Jay in 2002. The Guardian reports that the two suspects should appear later this week.

Born Jason Mizell, Jam Master Jay was shot in 2002 in a recording studio where he was working. No one has ever been prosecuted for the murder.

Of the two men charged, one was arrested on Sunday, while the other was already in detention. The suspect who has already been detained has been in the picture since 2007 in connection with the murder. He is currently serving a prison sentence for robberies he committed in the period following Mizell's murder. It is not yet known exactly what the two men are suspected of and charged for.

Mizell was a member of the hip-hop group Run-DMC that scored hits in the eighties and nineties with songs like Walk This Way and It's Like That .