In his youth, Viggo Waas felt the need to reassure his mother and now that he is getting older he finds his mother too worried. As a result, his relationship with important women in his life is also different.

"She was too concerned and often meddled in my things. That became a weak spot later on. Because of that, I think I can't stand it when important women in my life interfere with me. When a woman says how I like my hair. I can get pretty crabby ", Waas said in conversation with AD .

The actor wrote the book Dordogne , for which he went back with his parents and his brother to the campsite in France where they went on holiday as a family for years. Even after the death of his mother in 2017, Waas notices that he has never completely separated from his parents.

“I recently drove the car through France with my girlfriend and daughter, and then my mother sits next to me. That made me emotional. I hear what she would have said. She always drives with me and then I hear her talking. Sometimes she still gets involved with me. "