Linda Hakeboom has breast cancer, she reports on Instagram on Friday. In the coming period, it will be investigated which treatments the presenter should undergo.

"Unfortunately I have received bad news," the presenter writes. "The lump I discovered turns out to be malignant." She continues: "I have breast cancer. That is a very crazy message to receive and the dust still has to settle a bit here, I notice." Hakeboom says that many studies will be carried out in the near future "to see what needs to be done".

She also wants to urge her followers to be alert for nodules. "I know this may seem like a distant show, but this can happen to anyone." She hopes that other women will check their breasts regularly. "And if you feel something, or if you have doubts, go to the doctor immediately."

According to the presenter, it is better to go to the doctor "ten times for nothing" than "once too late". She concluded her message with, "Please ring the bell. No matter how trivial it may seem."