Xess Xava, the four-year-old son of Yolanthe Cabau and Wesley Sneijder, will make his film debut in Cabau's new film, Just Say Yes .

In an interview with De Telegraaf , Cabau explains how the mini-role came about. "We had a shooting day at the petting zoo and Jim (Bakkum, ed.) And I had already talked about how nice it would be if our children could play together. Then we thought: this is a suitable day to take them along . "

Cabau then read in the script that there was a scene in which children have to throw water balloons. "So then I said to Xess: you can throw water balloons at mom! Well, he thought that was fantastic."

It's not a very big role, but Cabau still likes it a lot. "You probably see them in the background in the movie."

Cabau does not want to encourage her son to act more. "I leave him very free in how or what. He's only four, so we'll see in time."

Just Say Yes can be seen in Dutch cinemas next year.