Sylvie Meis had a hard time after saying goodbye to her fourteen-year-old son Damián, who moved to his father Rafael van der Vaart in Denmark to play at a football club there. After hesitating for a long time, she gave her blessing, but that led to a lot of emotions in the actress.

In an interview with RTL Deutschland , Meis says that she could not bring it up emotionally to return home immediately after saying goodbye to Damián. That is why she first went to the French south coast with her fiancé Niclas Castello.

"To isolate myself and not to feel the empty nest syndrome for a while. And not to go home straight away, to my normal life, because that is completely different now," said 42-year-old Meis.

Previously, Damián lived with Meis in the German city of Hamburg, but now he lives with his father, stepmother Estavana Polman and half-sister Jesslynn in Denmark.

Despite the distance, Meis still has almost daily contact with her son. "Fortunately, we call and facetim a lot." She will also visit him often. "I go to him every weekend. That helps."

Earlier, Meis said in an interview with the German magazine Bild that she is happy that the bond between her and her ex-husband is so good. She also gets along well with Polman. According to her, this makes Damián "very happy".