The TV quiz is and will remain popular. Even in the Netflix era, the classic genre remains unabatedly loved. So it's high time to list the best TV quizzes ever for you.

The TV quiz is and will remain hot! Even in the Netflix era, the classic genre remains unabatedly loved. So it's high time to list the best TV quizzes ever for you!

Which of the Three

In Wie van de Drie , three people took place on a stage. They introduced themselves under the same name with the same profession. Yet there was only one the real 'Jan de Vries', a biscuit baker by trade. The candidates were therefore questioned by a permanent panel of well-known Dutch people, which had to guess which of the candidates spoke the truth.

I do not know

In this quiz general knowledge of the Netherlands is tested. During the broadcast, the studio is filled with students and three well-known Dutch people, who are presented with knowledge questions.


Blocks is an old Flemish quiz. The TV program is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. Since the TV quiz is broadcast on One, you can also enjoy it in the Netherlands. The name of the TV show is a reference to the game with blocks (aka: Tetris) that candidates are allowed to play if they answer a question correctly.

Ten for Language

As the name suggests, Tien voor Taal was a language quiz. For years we saw how two teams of three people competed against each other. In the first years that battle was fought between participants from Flanders and the Netherlands.

Per Second Pointer

In the Per Seconde Wijzer knowledge quiz , two players - independently of each other - compete with the clock. The players have to answer 4 questions about one of the chosen categories within 200 seconds. The program is one of the longest running quizzes on Dutch television.

With the Knife on the Table

Even with the knife on table again will a decent time. Today the TV quiz is presented by Herman van der Zandt. Unique is the format, in which candidates play poker in a casino-like setting with the answers to questions.

2 for 12

2 voor 12 (previously written as Two for Twelve ) can now also call itself an iconic television quiz after years of loyal service. As the name suggests, the participants in 2 for 12 teams of two players have to answer twelve questions. They then have to make a word from the twelve initial letters of the answers.

One against 100

We are already ready for the twentieth season of One Against 100 . The comeback of the popular quiz looks slightly different than the fans are used to! To guarantee the five-foot distance between the candidates, the program has been called One against 50 for a few months now.

The Kwis

De Kwis was a humorous quiz presented by Paul de Leeuw. In addition to De Leeuw, we saw Niels van der Laan, Jeroen Woe, Joep van Deudekom and Rob Urgert as regular quiz masters. They subjected their guests to assignments, satirical weekly reviews and musical parodies.

The weakest link

Despite the fact that The Weakest Link is not able to break television ratings records at the moment, it is still one of the favorite TV quizzes ever. The program was previously presented by Chazia Mourali, who was succeeded by Bridget Maasland.

The smartest person

Last month, the sixteenth season of De Slimste Mens started. The presentation is again in the hands of Philip Freriks and of course Maarten van Rossem will take place as a jury member.

BankGiro Millionaires

BankGiro Millionaires (previously called Lotto Weekend Millionaires ) is based on the English quiz Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? , which has been adopted in dozens of countries worldwide. In the Netherlands, the quiz was presented for years by Robert ten Brink, who did it with enormous gusto!

Waku Waku

In the TV program, four candidates had to answer questions about animals and nature. For each correctly answered question, a participant received a monkey. The winner could donate 1,000 guilders to his favorite charity. The quiz can no longer be seen on television.