Diederik Jekel found the criticism he received as a result of his work for RTL Boulevard "more irritating" than he "wanted to admit". He said this in the radio program De Pressribune on Radio 1.

The science journalist said in De Pressribune that he received many questions and tweets from people after he was shown in RTL Boulevard . "People who thought it was ridiculous for wasting my time in a gossip column and all kinds of other qualifications that I don't fully support," said Jekel.

Jekel said he had the feeling that he had to answer to the people who were critical of his work for the RTL 4 program.

Jekel enjoyed his work for RTL Boulevard . "I just wanted to explain: yes guys, I do it because I like it. After talking about insect deaths and climate change for ten years, it is also wonderful to talk about Gerard Joling once", says Jekel.