The Moroccan-Dutch writer Naima El Bezaz, known for the autobiographical novel Vinex Women, has passed away.

Writer Abdelkader Benali announced this on Twitter.

The writer Naima el Bezaz has passed away. We made our debut in the mid-1990s, she with the novel The Way to the North. She immediately impressed me. Intelligent and witty. She told me what I had to do as a writer to succeed. I will be our gig on the Cairo book news

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In 1995 El Bezaz made his debut with De weg naar het Noord . She broke through to the general public with the novel Vinexvrouwen . The sequel to this bestseller, More vinex women , came out two years later. Her last novel was published in 2013. The following year she announced that she was switching from publishing house Querido to Lebowski.

In interviews she spoke several times about her depression and the threats she received as a result of her work and statements in the media.