Lilly Wachowski, who co- directed the Matrix series with her sister Lana , tells Netflix Film Club that those films contain metaphors for transsexuality.

After the films were released, both sisters announced that they were transgender women. Lilly did that in 2012 and Lana in 2016. Fans thought they had already seen metaphors for transsexuality in the movies.

"There are indeed metaphors for transsexuality in the story," said 52-year-old Wachowski 21 years after the release of The Matrix. "I am happy that it was announced that this was the original intention. The world was not quite ready for it at the time."

Wachowski is happy with the reactions she gets from transgender people. "Some come up to me and say, 'Those movies saved my life.'"

According to the director, the character Switch, played by Belinda McClory, is gender fluid. Thus Switch is a man in the apparent reality and a woman in the world of the Matrix.

Wachowski thinks her own identity and that of her sister helped shape the story. "We embrace different genres and want to involve everyone."