Sylvie Meis is upset about a 'bikini battle' that a German program held between her and Linda de Mol. In the program, the bodies of the Dutch presenters were compared and especially Sylvie had to pay.

In the VIPstagram program, the German experts from RTL Deutschland first go through extensive photos of Meis in Saint-Tropez. This includes terms such as 'slenderness madness' and the 42-year-old is mainly criticized.

The experts are much more satisfied with Linda de Mol. According to them, she would radiate a much more 'normal' image with her bikini body. In the end it is Linda who wins the 'bikini battle'.

Sylvie is on target

Meis is not pleased with the item and reacts angrily to Instagram. "Are you bodyshaming me?" The actress wonders aloud. "I am 42 and have survived many things in my life. I am working hard on my career and yes: I also work hard in the gym. However, I do not do this because I am happy with the pursuit of perfection."

Meis emphasizes that she likes everyone's body, regardless of weight. "I love all types of female bodies and I respect them all. It is nice that they show them in full glory (like Linda de Mol), but please stop ridiculing me because I love my own body and satisfied with how I look. "