Because of the bad news that usually dominates the front page of, the good news often disappears. That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of the past few days.

A loved one from outside the EU can return to the Netherlands

Since Monday, an exception to the entry ban applies to partners of Dutch nationals living outside the European Union.
They can stay in the Netherlands for a period of three months every six months, until the corona crisis has passed.

However, the couple must sign a statement in which they indicate that they are a couple. They must also provide a location to stay and the loved one must have a return ticket.

People from a country with an orange or red travel advice also have to quarantine for two weeks after arrival.

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First football supporters welcome back to Philips Stadium

PSV admits 6,500 supporters in the first four home games of the Eredivisie season. The 26,000 season ticket holders are given the choice to attend one of the four duels.
PSV is the first club with a concrete plan after it was announced at the end of June that, under certain conditions, there will once again be a public welcome in the Dutch stadiums.

Orca swimming around with dead young is pregnant again

The killer whale, which became known worldwide in 2018 for swimming around with her dead young for a long time, is pregnant again.
That writes BBC News . The pregnancy was discovered with drone images. It is unusual for killer whales to swim around with a dead cub for days.

Industry is more positive about its own future

Industry companies are more positive about the future.
In particular, they were more optimistic about activity in July than in recent months.

In July, there are more manufacturers who expect to increase rather than decrease their production in the next three months.

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US prisoners assist prison worker

Three American prisoners in the state of Georgia have been honored after helping a prison worker with heart problems, Fox News reports . The employees became unconscious and fell on his head. Then the prisoners started making noise.

Dozens of prisoners joined them within minutes, after which prison staff called for medical attention.

The employees are now recovering at home.