The food banks in Germany are demanding money from the federal government to cope with the consequences of the corona pandemic. In the coming weeks and months, significantly more customers are expected, said the chair of Tafel Germany, Jochen Brühl. For this he asked for financial support from the federal government. The expansion cannot be achieved solely through donations and voluntary work.

In the Corona crisis, the boards perceive "a new need for help in the population", according to their website. According to this, people are currently asking for the support of the food banks that were not previously dependent on external help, for example people who have lost their job or part-time job due to the corona pandemic.

At the beginning of the pandemic, almost half of the 949 tablets in Germany remained temporarily closed. In many places, existing delivery services had been expanded or newly introduced. Even after the resumption of operations, the offer is still limited due to applicable distance rules, said Brühl. "At the moment we are not reaching everyone who needs our help. We are very concerned about that."

In addition to donations, the tables are financed through symbolic amounts that people in need pay for the food. Most of the work is done by volunteers.