The Dutch editor Henk van Eeghen was nominated for an Emmy on Tuesday. He can win the prestigious television award for editing the action series Watchmen .

"It remains exciting," says Van Eeghen from Los Angeles, where he has worked as an editor for some time. The nomination for Watchmen is his sixth chance at an Emmy. He won the award once in 2010 for the series Lost.

"The funny thing is that you never get used to it," says the editor. "Suddenly your entire mailbox is full of congratulations, great fun. It feels like a new experience every time."

Watchmen is based on the eponymous comic book novel about superheroes who live in an alternative future, published in 1987. The HBO series was nominated for 26 Emmys, making Watchmen the leader.

Henk van Eeghen has been nominated as an editor six times for an Emmy. (Photo: Henk van Eeghen)

"We didn't know if it would catch on"

"We spent a lot of effort and time on this show," says Van Eeghen. "The music, costumes and jokes were very different from usual. We didn't know if it would catch on."

With his sixth nomination, Van Eeghen is just as happy as with his first. "My enthusiasm has never diminished over the years. I really like the excitement, the pressure behind making such a series. Sometimes you are busy day and night. You don't have to do it for the money, it really is your life."

Van Eeghen is now working on the Netflix series Angelyne , a comedy series about the eponymous billboard icon that suddenly became famous in Los Angeles. The series is expected to be released in early 2021.


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