Good news sometimes disappears at That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of today.

We slaves of Suriname after 86 years in bestseller list

The book Wij slaven van Suriname ( The Slaves of Suriname) by author and resistance hero Anton de Kom (1898-1945) was first entered 86 years after publication in De Bestseller 60, at place thirty. In June, De Kom was the first Surinamese to be included in the Canon of the Netherlands.

De Kom published Wij slaven van Suriname in 1934 as an indictment of racism and exploitation. In the book, Surinamese history was first described from an anti-colonial point of view, by a descendant of enslaved people.

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Disneyland Paris reopened four months after closing

Amusement park Disneyland Paris opened the doors of the park on Wednesday after being closed for four months. It is mandatory to wear a mouth mask in the park and to keep it at a distance.


Disneyland Paris reopened four months after closing

Extra support for sports associations with their own accommodation

Sports associations that have their own accommodation receive additional support of 25 million euros from the government. According to the KNVB, housing is the largest cost item for many sports clubs.

These associations are not eligible for the scheme that allows municipalities to cancel the rental of sports accommodation, but at the same time they also incur costs for the management and maintenance of their accommodations. Due to the sharply reduced income, many clubs are in the water.

Metallica releases second concert series with symphony orchestra

Metallica will release the recordings of their two concerts with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in 2019 as an album and DVD on August 28, reports the American rock band via YouTube.

The recordings for the album, called S & M2, were made on September 6 and 8 in San Francisco. During the two concerts Metallica played songs from the album S&M from 1999, which was recorded with the same symphony orchestra.

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Chinese economy has grown again after corona dip

The Chinese economy has grown again in the second quarter of this year, following a sharp contraction in the first three months of the year as a result of the corona outbreak.

Compared to a year earlier, gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 3.2 percent from April to June, the Chinese statistics bureau reported Thursday. China was the first country in the world to enter (partial) lockdown and was also able to restart the economy fairly quickly.

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Critically endangered gorilla born in Beekse Bergen

A gorilla gave birth to a youngster in Safaripark Beekse Bergen on Wednesday, the park reports Thursday. This gorilla species is critically endangered, especially because the African tropical rainforests they live in are cut down.

It seems to be going well with the brand new duo in the Brabant zoo. "Mother was calm during childbirth, she holds the young well and cleaned it well," says Kris Jansen, head of animal care. "The sex is not yet known, as we have not been able to view the young closely."

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IKEA comes with a vegan alternative to Swedish balls

IKEA introduces a vegan version of the famous Swedish meatball in its restaurants. According to the company, the ecological footprint of the vegetarian ball is 96 percent smaller than that of the meat variant.

IKEA says it sells more than a billion meatballs worldwide every year. The all-vegetable ball should taste just as good and looks the same as the meat variant, according to IKEA.

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