Travelers returning from Turkey are asked to quarantine at home for two weeks, but Dave Roelvink doesn't seem to be following that advice. The DJ, who had himself tested for the corona virus when he returned, places images of himself on a boat with friends on social media.

Roelvink stayed in Turkey for surgery on his teeth and discovered there that he would have to be quarantined for two weeks upon his return, he told Radio 538.

On Monday, Dries Roelvink's son posted images of his return to the Netherlands in his Instagram Stories and posted a photo of his new car on his timeline. His story from Monday shows that he picks up the car and that he is sitting on a boat with four friends, remotely.

Roelvink's management informs that the DJ has taken a test and that he is not carrying the virus. According to management, Roelvink therefore does not have to follow the advice.

Currently, code orange still applies to Turkey; travelers are asked to go to the country only when necessary. If the trip is made anyway, travelers must apply for a HES code, which states that the traveler is not ill. When returning home, the advice is to stay at home for two weeks and to go into quarantine.

Corendon wanted to offer trips to Turkey and gave travelers a guarantee that they would be able to do a test upon returning home so that they would not have to be quarantined. The travel agency waived this after fuss, because the government does not see a test as a replacement or supplement to the recommended quarantine.