Comedian and comedian Roué Verveer received after the broadcast of his show Typically Surinamese at the NPO reactions from white people who found it discriminatory. White spectators do not always understand the self-mockery and mirror that Surinamese like, he says in Trouw on Tuesday .

"Surinamese like that recognition, that mirror," said Verveer. Our whole humor is based on self-mockery. "

According to Verveer, Dutch spectators do not always understand that humor. "In Typically Surinamese I made jokes about all population groups in Suriname, Creoles, Javanese, Hindustani, indigenous people, you name it. When the NPO aired the show on July 1, I got a few reactions from white people saying 'what a discriminating show "But they do not know the mutual relations."

Verveer explains that if you make a joke about Surinamese in Suriname, the Hindustani laugh along, despite the frictions between the different ethnic groups in the former Dutch colony. The comedian says that in the seven years since playing Typically Surinamese , he did not receive comments from one Surinamese.