In another clash in downtown Stuttgart, eleven people were arrested on Saturday night. Four police officers were also slightly injured while checking a drunk 16-year-old when he resisted, a police spokesman said. How exactly it came about was initially unclear. The exact processes are part of the investigation and those affected are still being heard, the spokesman said.

After Friday evening was initially quiet and without major incidents, the police intervened in several clashes in the second half of the night. Four suspects were arrested in an argument near Marienplatz. Arrests were also made after a fight at Eckensee in which a man was seriously injured. The Eckensee is located directly at the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg and at the Stuttgart State Opera.

In total, more than 200 police officers were also deployed in downtown Stuttgart at night. The officials had checked numerous people and given orders to place interferers, it said.

In Stuttgart on the night of June 21 there had been serious arguments. Rioters had destroyed shop windows and looted businesses. According to the police, 400 to 500 people were involved in the riot - or watched it.