Gordon had a relapse in late May, after he was admitted to a rehab for treatment of his alcohol and drug addiction in July 2019. The singer reports in conversation with De Telegraaf on Tuesday that that relapse would not have happened without the corona crisis.

"Drink, coke, everything. I've been completely out of the world for four days," said Gordon of his relapse. "All the ingredients for a relapse came together."

"If it hadn't been for the corona crisis, I would have kept it up, because I had enough distractions. I would present a daily talk show with Patty Brard. Of course you will never save it with alcohol and drugs."

"I really went down because of the corona crisis. I don't want to use it as an excuse, but Jesus, I went crazy." The singer says he recovered from it by "Get up and continue. Stick to the program. Focus".

Gordon had earlier relapse in November

Various media reported in November that Gordon also had a relapse at the time. The month before, the singer announced on Instagram that he was experiencing a "dip".

Gordon previously stated at the height of his addiction on a weekend night to consume 25 vodka cola and 4 grams of cocaine.


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