Renze Klamer will indeed make a television program with Fidan Ekiz on weekdays. The presenter confirms the news that leaked on Friday through the AD .

"We are still in the development phase, but: it is right! Together with Fidan Ekiz, I am going to make a daily program from August 31 at 19.00. I'm looking forward to it," said the presenter on Twitter.

There is no further information about the program yet, but Klamer promises to tell more during the seasonal presentation of the NPO on August 25.

The new program comes in the timeslot of De Wereld Draait Door , which ended in March after more than fourteen years.

Ekiz, 44, is currently one of the presenters of the daily talk show Op1 , which she presents on Sunday evening with Jeroen Pauw.

Klamer (31), who exchanged the EO for BNNVARA in 2018, makes Op Vrijdag every week , in which he interviews two guests.