The number of cases in German emergency rooms during the coronavirus pandemic has fallen by up to 40 percent since mid-March. This is reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in its current Epidemiological Bulletin.

At this time, comprehensive measures to contain the Covid 19 pandemic began in Germany. Subsequently, the number of cases in the emergency room increased slowly until mid-June, but did not yet reach the level before the pandemic. In mid-June it was about ten percent below the pre-crisis level.

The findings come from ten emergency rooms in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, which continuously transmitted data.

According to the RKI, similar trends can also be seen in other countries or regions such as the USA, England and Wales. In addition to an actual decrease in emergency room cases, the researchers say the changes could also have other causes, such as structural changes, if a corona outpatient clinic was set up inside or outside the emergency room.

New infections in Germany are falling again

The reason for the decline is probably the fear of infection among numerous patients. While emergency departments are generally at full capacity, many people have turned to a resident doctor more often since the pandemic began - or have simply stayed at home. This can be dangerous for patients with serious illnesses. According to doctors, the risk of getting the coronavirus in the hospital is no higher than in normal everyday life.

Further studies reported a significant drop in specialist visits and hospital treatment since the pandemic began. According to surveys, cardiovascular diseases and cancer saw a drop in patient numbers of up to 50 percent. Doctors reported that the number of patients with heart attacks and strokes fell sharply.

The infection process in Germany has calmed down again. While there was a brief rise in the number of infections due to local outbreaks in Göttingen, Berlin and above all the Tönnies meat business in the Gütersloh district, the number of new infections registered every day is falling. According to ZEIT ONLINE research, 2,972 new infections have been reported in the past seven days. The previous week there were 4,106 new cases.

Corona measures - Before the second wave Not so bad anymore? Pandemics also flared up surprisingly in the past. What past mistakes we shouldn't repeat at Corona. © Photo: Western Neighborhoods Project / / Berlin State Library ZEFYS