In the struggle against the corona virus, the governor of Texas has made a mask compulsory for most of the U.S. state. Governor Greg Abbott ordered mouth and nose protection to be worn in public. This applies to all districts with over 20 cases. That affects about two thirds of the 254 counties in Texas.

There has been a rapid and substantial increase in coronavirus cases in recent weeks. "We have to focus again on stopping the spread. But this time we don't want to close Texas again." If a distance of two meters cannot be maintained, mouth-nose protection must be worn in all public buildings and outside. If there is a violation, warnings should be given, and fines of up to $ 250 may then apply, Abbott said. He also authorized local authorities to ban gatherings of more than ten people as needed.

Republican Abbott makes a U-turn with the requirement to wear a mask. For months now, leading democratic politicians from the metropolitan areas of Texas have been calling for a mask requirement that Abbott, like many Republicans, has never considered necessary. Abbott's government had previously said that individuals could not be required to wear a mask. But now it is absolutely necessary, he said in a video message.

55,000 new infections in one day - Trump plays down the danger

In the United States, the corona virus is on the rise, the pandemic is spreading from northeast to south and west. In addition to Florida, Arizona and California, Texas is also one of the most affected states. Texas reported 8,000 new infections on Thursday alone. Florida announced a new daily record with more than 10,000 new infections. In light of recent developments, several states have put the easing of corona measures on hold or even reversed them. The interior areas of bars and restaurants have been closed in several cities.

In the United States, nearly 55,000 new infections were found within one day. This is the highest daily increase ever reported worldwide, according to a Reuters count. 54,879 new cases were registered late Thursday. Just two weeks ago, the number of new infections per day in the United States was around 22,000. Overall, the United States, which has a population of around 330 million, has recorded around 2.7 million infections and at least 128,000 deaths since the pandemic began.

US President Trump talked the danger down at a press conference and at the same time celebrated the relatively good job market figures. There are still a few corona fires, but these would be fought quickly. "We put out the flames or fires," he said. "We understand this terrible disease now." The opening of the country is "much faster" than expected. On Wednesday, he told Fox Business that the virus would "just sort of go away at some point."

Looking ahead to National Day on July 4th, several U.S. health professionals were concerned about the expected increase in travel and easing. The CNN broadcaster quoted a doctor for infectious diseases as "a perfect storm" could be brewing. Another problem is that people do not always adhere to the hygiene regulations.