Students in the state of Alabama are said to have celebrated corona parties in order to deliberately infect each other with the virus. In a kind of game, they had ripened over who would catch the pathogen first, US media reported, citing Sonya McKinstry, city councilor in Tuscaloosa.

Accordingly, the organizers of the parties invited guests who had previously tested positive for the virus. Then the students would have lumped money together. Those who first contracted Covid-19 received cash. "It doesn't make sense," said McKinstry. "They do it on purpose."

Tuscaloosa's fire chief Randy Smith told the city council Tuesday that his colleagues could confirm the participation of some students in such parties. The young people would have known that they were infected. First, the fire department thought that the parties were rumors. After some research, officials had come to the conclusion that they were a reality. Doctors' offices could also confirm this.

The daily Tuscaloosa News quoted local doctor Ramesh Peramsetty as saying that rumors about corona parties had been going on for about a month. When his nurses chose patients for corona testing, they learned about the house parties, he said. College students had even shown videos of the fetuses to his employees. When the students were called to share their results, they noticed that some were very excited and happy that their test was positive. Others were very upset because they had a negative outcome, said Peramsetty.

50,000 new infections a day

In most US states, the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise sharply. Many governors take back easing, block beaches or introduce a mask requirement. Four states registered 25,000 new coronavirus infections in one day. The number of cases rose in 40 of the 50 states and exceeded the mark of 50,000 new infections per day. There were a particularly large number of cases in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. The percentage of positive tests increased in 36 countries.

"We have seen a very worrying week," said government advisor and top virologist Anthony Fauci. The development is partly attributed to the unwillingness among US citizens to wear protective masks in public. In addition, they often do not comply with the distance rules. If people didn't stick to it, "we'll get into big trouble," said Fauci.

The south and west of the United States in particular are now affected. Over the past two weeks, the number of new infections in Georgia, Kansas, Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina and Ohio has doubled. It tripled in Nevada and even quintupled in Idaho. Nebraska and South Dakota were the only states outside the northeast that showed a negative trend.

There is also an important holiday in the USA: celebrations are planned in many places to celebrate independence on July 4th. However, many communities canceled fireworks that would have amassed large crowds. Despite the worrying numbers, US President Donald Trump was confident that the spread of the virus would soon wane: "I think it will somehow just go away, I hope."