The organization behind the Oscars gives voting rights to the managers of artists, Variety reports Monday. The representatives of the actors were allowed to be members of the organization behind the American film awards until Monday, but were not allowed to vote for the nominees.

The Oscar organisation's decision applies to the 111 current non-voting members and representatives of performers who will be invited to join in the course of 2020. In total, 842 individuals joined the Oscar jury in 2019, about half of whom were women and 29 percent were people of color.

The organization behind the Oscars has been under pressure for years to bring more diversity to the jury and nominations for the film awards. On June 12, the organization announced changes to give movies more equal opportunities for a nomination.

On June 15, it was announced that the 93rd edition of the Oscar onion ceremony has been postponed from February 2021 to April of that year. That decision was made because of the corona crisis.