The streaming platform Twitch has temporarily blocked the account of US President DonaldTrump's campaign team. According to a Twitch spokesman, the campaign team shared hate content and violated the platform's community guidelines, several U.S. media reported on Monday. "Hateful behavior is not allowed on Twitch," said the spokesman. The platform makes no exceptions for political content or because of the news value. Specifically, it is about two videos of Trump's campaign events, in which he described, among other things, Mexicans as "rapists" and "criminals".

In recent weeks, social networks have increasingly acted against Trump content. Twitter tagged several postings by the president with warnings such as "glorifying violence" or "abusive behavior" and also subjected Trump's statements to a fact check. The Reddit platform blocked the group "The_Donald", which was popular with Trump's supporters and, according to the New York Times, recently had almost 800,000 members.

Facebook wants to act more against hate speech

Facebook had been criticized for not addressing controversial Trump posts. As a result of the debate about hate messages in social networks, numerous companies such as Coca Cola, Honda, Unilever or Starbucks have announced that they will suspend their social media advertising. Facebook now wants to act more against hate messages and false reports, as Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said. In the future, this will mark problematic posts by politicians on social networks. Zuckerberg announced that a broader range of paid advertisements, including election campaigns, will be banned. It also bans claims that people of a particular "race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status pose a threat to physical security, health, or the survival of others." "Immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers" should also be protected from advertisements that they consider inferior or contemptible.

The video platform Youtube switched off six extreme right-wing channels on Monday due to racist content. "We have strict guidelines that prohibit hate speech," said a YouTube spokesman. Accounts on the well-known right-wing extremists David Duke, Stefan Molyneux and Richard Spencer were affected by the blocking on YouTube. According to the spokesman, it had been spread on the channels, contrary to the platform rules, that certain people were naturally inferior to others. Any channel that repeatedly violates the guidelines will be deleted. Since YouTube updated its guidelines on racist content more than a year ago, five times as many videos have been removed, the spokesman said. Since then, more than 25,000 channels have been closed for violating the ban on hate speech.