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Maik de Boer makes an online proposal

Maik de Boer spotted the love of his life. "I want the flu," he writes on Instagram. "And then Anton Griep." According to the stylist, Griep, news reader of Qmusic, is a "wildly attractive man".

3 hours ago

Seeing your friends again is great, of course, but it turns out: keeping 1.5 meters away is quite difficult. Even for famous Dutch people. Patty Brard, Viktor Brand and Kees Tol went for a bite to eat together and couldn't resist taking a selfie maybe 1.5 centimeters apart. The presenter assures her followers that immediately after the photo 1.5 meters intervened.

yesterday at 9:36 PM

Jan Versteegh is looking for summer coolness in an ice bath

To escape the heat of Thursday, Jan Versteegh takes a bath in a tub full of ice cubes. "Piece of cooling off on a sweltering day," he writes in his message on Instagram.

yesterday at 09:27

Tooske and Bastiaan married for

fifteen years. Fifteen years ago, Tooske Breugem and Bastiaan Ragas promised eternal loyalty to each other. "Today 15 years old, man. Sweet, sincere, funny, impatient, romantic, wise, creative ... Very much like to spend a long time with him", the presenter writes.

yesterday at 09:27

yesterday at 7:01 AM

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on a date in the backyard

Chrissy Teigen organized a dinner for her husband John Legend in the backyard, now that going out for a few months has not been possible.

yesterday at 5:27 AM

Monique Westenberg and Roxeanne Hazes share the same photo

Where Roxeanne Hazes writes "Thankful" with a photo of her son Fender and his nephew André junior playing together, Monique Westenberg writes on her Instagram profile "Wealth" with the same photo. André Hazes and his sister Roxeanne had a disturbed relationship for a while, but Roxeanne announced earlier this year that she was having a "good time" again with her brother and fellow singer.

Wednesday at 9:33 PM

Children of André and Roxeanne Hazes play together

André Hazes 'son André and Roxeanne Hazes' son Fender were able to play outside together on Wednesday. Roxeanne said on her Instagram account that she felt "grateful" for the moment. Earlier this year, Roxeanne Hazes already announced that she was "having fun" again with her brother, with whom she had a disturbed relationship for a long time.

Wednesday at 12:09 PM

Bakker Cas is a graduate.

Cas Wolters, known for the sixth season of Heel Holland Bakt , has his pabo diploma. "I am proud to finally say that I graduated successfully as a primary school teacher! The first deaf teacher from the teacher training college in Helmond", Wolters tells RTL Boulevard

The baker and future primary school teacher celebrated his graduation with Heel Holland Bakt presenter André van Duin and jury member Janny van der Heijden. Wolters was a guest at the recording of their program Thinking of Holland .

Wednesday at 8:54 AM

Natasja Froger is 'very happy' with the birthday partner of stepdaughter

Matthijs, the partner of René Froger's daughter Natascha from his first marriage, who has his birthday on Wednesday. "Very happy with you," said Froger's second wife Natasja about the father of her stepdaughter's two children.

Wednesday at 5:31 AM

Sanne Vogel gives tips about washable diapers

Sanne Vogel says she gets a lot of questions about her use of washable diapers for her twins Loewy and Bella and therefore gives some tips. "Every washable diaper saves one in the garbage dump," said the actress, writer, and theater director.

Wednesday at 5:31 AM

Tuesday at 3:05 PM

Proud Tino Martin congratulates year-old girlfriend

Singer Tino Martin (36) takes a detailed look at Instagram on the thirtieth birthday of his girlfriend Kimberley Kruiter. "Thirty years of what a milestone. You really are a whopper in every way, super proud of you."

Tuesday at 8:16 AM

Sander Hoogendoorn has a role in primary school film

Sander Hoogendoorn has obtained a role in a film by primary school De Vindplaats. During the broadcast, the 3FM DJ provided a script for the film of students of the school in the Noord-Brabant Schijf.


He is going to be a star! @sanderhoogendrn comes in the film of group 8, primary school De Vindplaats🤩 # 3FM #LaatJeHoren

AvatarAvatar Author 3FM Moment of places 08: 06 - 23 June 2020

Tuesday at 7:54 AM

Frans Bauer congratulates his son

Christiaan, the son of Frans Bauer, turned nineteen on Tuesday. "Hip hip hip hurray!" Writes the singer.

Tuesday at 7:51 AM

Kelly Rowland looks back on meeting with biological father

Singer Kelly Rowland looks back on the day in 2018 when she saw her biological father again after thirty years. "I love your dad even when I was 39," said the former member of Destiny's Child.

Tuesday at 5:55 AM

André Hazes feels 'happier and stronger than ever'

"Apart from improving my life through healthy eating and drinking and exercising, I am giving everything in my head a place," said André Hazes Monday. "Which makes me feel fitter every day, makes my relationship better and makes me feel happier and stronger than ever." The singer thanks a friend for the help and is happy with the compliments he gets on the other look from his eyes.

Monday at 7:27 PM

Tygo Gernandt goes back to work: he films a new film 1.5 meters away. And that goes fine, we see in a video.

Tygo is on the set

Monday at 7:27 PM

Monday at 12:42 PM

Tim Douwsma enjoys sunny weather

with his family Tim Douwsma enjoys the summer weather in the Netherlands with his wife Elske Wind and son Dez. The singer previously said that the corona crisis also has benefits for him. Now that several performances have been canceled, he can spend more time with his family.

Monday at 8:19 AM

Jeroen van der Boom congratulates twin sister

Jeroen van der Boom and his twin sister Iris turned 48 on Monday. "We're just twins today today!" Said the singer and presenter.

Monday at 6:46 AM

Henk Westbroek compliments bank after handling complaint

Henk Westbroek found his digipas "nothing for people with normal fingers". After contacting the helpdesk, the bank sent the 68-year-old singer and presenter a device with larger keys. "Nice to be able to compliment a bank," said Westbroek.

I did not use the ASN digipas for people with normal fingers, I told the operator. A day later I received a pass in human format. Nice to give a bank a compliment.

AvatarAvatar Author henk westbroek Time of places 16: 22 - 21 June 2020

Sunday at 7:19 PM

Dave Roelvink opens foot on bathroom tile

Dave Roelvink had to go to the hospital for a short while on Sunday. The DJ had opened his foot on a bathroom tile in his house, which is currently being renovated. The cut was so deep that Roelvink had to leave the wound stitched for a moment. After the medical procedure, he was able to pay a father's day visit to his father Dries Roelvink.

Sunday at 3:31 PM

Carice van Houten has transformed herself into

Carice van Houten's post since Saturday fanatically on her Instagram. In the photos she turns paintings into herself and her followers appreciate it.

Sunday at 8:13 AM

Prince William celebrates birthday and Father's Day with a new photo

Prince William is allowed to blow out 38 candles and he celebrates this - on Father's Day - with a new photo of him and George, Charlotte and Louis. The photo was taken by William's wife Kate Middleton.

Sunday at 8:13 AM

Saturday at 9:20 PM

Reese Witherspoon congratulates Nicole Kidman,

Nicole Kidman on Saturday blows out 53 candles and Reese Witherspoon congratulates her fellow actress. "Congratulations, my dear friend and Australian sister," said the American Witherspoon to the Australian Kidman.

Saturday at 5:29 PM

Jandino Asporaat commemorates the daughter's birthday

Jandino commemorates the sixth birthday of his daughter Amy-Lee on Saturday. "You are my world and my everything," said the comedian and actor.

Saturday at 2:15 PM

Giel Beelen and Malou Brantjes 'not in love relationship'

Exactly six months after their first meeting in the First Dates relationship program, Giel Beelen and Malou Brantjes look back in a video. "So much has happened since then, had a lot of dates. But not in a love relationship," said Brantjes. "No, not. But we are very grateful for the program," says Beelen. In February, several media, including NU.nl, concluded that Beelen and Brantjes had a relationship. That happened after the two shared a video on which they watched their first meeting in First Dates together.

Friday at 10:18 PM

For Dennis Weening, every day is Father's Day

Dennis Weening is standing two days before Father's Day. "Love you, Dad. Every day is Father's Day with you," said the presenter. "Since you first encountered Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (a form of cancer, ed.) About nine years ago, then a heart attack, heart failure and cerebral haemorrhage, I appreciate every day that you are still there."

Friday at 8:51 PM

Sanne Hans satisfied after kiteboarding session

Sanne Hans, better known as Miss Montreal, has had a nice kiteboarding session. "Now cava", the singer writes with a photo on the beach.

Friday at 6:00 PM

Duncan Laurence receives gold record from Humberto Tan

Duncan Laurence received a gold record for his single  Love Don't Hate It from presenter Humberto Tan. "I will never forget this moment," said the singer.

Friday at 6:00 PM

Friday at 3:48 PM

Maan proud of her DJing brother

Storm de Steenwinkel, the younger brother of singer Maan, has completed his first live DJ set. "Can also be booked at all your parties and celebrations", the proud singer jokes.

Friday at 12:06 PM

Many young fans are eager to meet their idol, but what about when it finally happens? Calvin was accosted in Volendam by a boy who had never met a YouTuber. But whether it was as fun as he hoped?

Is a bit disappointing

Friday, June 19 at 7:16 AM

Paul McCartney regrets Vera Lynn's death

In a post on Instagram, Paul McCartney considers Vera Lynn's death. "I am so sad," the singer writes. "But at the same time, I am also so happy to have been able to meet her and to experience her warm, cheerful personality up close. Her voice will sing forever in my heart."

Thursday, June 18 at 9:30 PM

Singer Dotan proudly shares a photo with his friend 

33-year-old singer Dotan Harpenau shares a photo of him and his friend on Instagram. "This year would be my first Pride as an openly gay man. It took me years to get to this point and I'm sad I can't celebrate Pride with all my brothers and sisters by my side in a parade of colors . "

Dotan further states that he calls the man in the photo his friend and will celebrate the party online. "Proud to say it out loud. Love is love."

Thursday, June 18 at 5:29 PM

Bilal Wahib takes gold record 

The 21-year-old Bilal Wahib is not only an actor, but also a singer and rapper. He has now received a gold record for his hit single Video Vixen  , released last April . "My first gold record is a fact! I want to thank you and of course also Bizzey. Tonight at midnight #tigers is on Spotify Stream," said the  Mocro Mafia actor via Instagram.

Thursday, June 18 at 1:15 PM

Gerard Joling's ninety-year-old mother recently fell off her bicycle. According to the sixty-year-old singer, who posted a video of a walk with his mother, she is doing much better. "The stitches are out, and she's going to lap again," he says.

Gerard Joling walks around with his mother

Thursday, June 18 at 6:18 AM

Donny Roelvink jokes about Instagram reality

Donny Roelvink juxtaposes the Instagram world and real life. "Instagram versus reality," said the reality star, who said in October that she was saving for a different set of teeth.

Wednesday, June 17 at 5:48 PM

Ferry Doedens has turned thirty today. "Today I am blowing out thirty candles! Life is a process of trial and error and also learning from your mistakes," writes the soap actor. "The toughest assignments are given to the best students. On to a new phase. I am looking forward to it!"

Wednesday, June 17 at 5:12 AM

Gravin Eloise goes for hotel school

Gravin Eloise tries to be admitted to the hotel school. "Today my selection day (for hotel school)", said eighteen-year-old Eloise. The eldest daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien graduated in May from the same Hague secondary school as Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Tuesday, June 16 at 10:23 PM

Kylie Jenner thinks her daughter grows up too quickly 

Kylie Jenner wouldn't mind if her daughter Stormi grew up less quickly, she says on her Instagram. "I love this little baby so much. Sometimes I look at her and then I cry. Then I realize she will never be this small again," Jenner writes with a photo of herself and her daughter.

Tuesday, June 16 at 3:53 PM

Daphne Deckers starring herself in book filming

Daphne Deckers starring herself in the film adaptation of her book Everything is as it should be . She tells on Instagram that she has a small role in the film. "In a small scene I play the role of 'Daphne Deckers', for that I had to go deep into the character analysis," she jokes.

Tuesday, June 16 at 12:10 PM

Demi Lovato took a break with new boyfriend

Demi Lovato enjoyed a weekend away with her boyfriend Max Ehrich. The two recently announced through social media that they are in a relationship. "Thank you for making me so happy. I love adventures with you," she writes with a photo of them kissing at sunset.

Tuesday, June 16 at 5:26 AM


year-old daughter of Beyoncé and JAY-Z nominated for the first time Blue Ivy, the eight-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and JAY-Z, has won a BET Her Award nomination. She can be heard in her mother 's song  Brown Skin Girl . The eight-year-old will compete at the Black Entertainment Awards against, among others,  Underdog by Alicia Keys and  Tempo by Lizzo and Missy Elliott. The winner will be announced at an online ceremony on June 28.

Monday, June 15 at 2:12 PM

Eva Koreman shares photo of 'courtship'

Eva Koreman shares a photo of her new boyfriend on Instagram. "Now I always thought I had a pretty big head, but this photo last weekend with my courtship on my head proves the opposite. Or his hands are just gigantic, that is also possible," jokes the 3FM DJ.

Monday, June 15 at 5:18 AM

Beyoncé writes open letter after Breonna Taylor's death

Beyoncé has written an open letter following Breonna Taylor's death. The black woman was shot dead in her own home by officers in the US city of Louisville in March. The singer asks the prosecutor to sue the officers involved. After Taylor's death, Louisville passed Breonna's Law. As a result, agents are no longer allowed to invade a house without knocking.

Sunday, June 14 at 7:50 PM

Georgina Verbaan is enjoying herself with a cat
Now that actress Georgina Verbaan is temporarily out of work due to the corona crisis, she is having a great time at home with her cat.

Sunday, June 14 at 3:29 PM

Rachel Hazes sees André back in his brother

Rachel Hazes sees André Hazes back in his brother Theo, she says on Instagram. "Dear Theo, when I see you, I see and hear Dré ... Not only your posture, but also your smile and thinking," Hazes writes, after which she says that she is "grateful".

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