Presenter Humberto Tan would be terrified if he ever made a production in the United States with America correspondent Michiel Vos. The black presenter tells on Friday in the radio program Humberto that he would drive the white journalist because of the fear of racist violence in a southern state of the country.

"It would stop us because we would be arrested more often," said Tan of his idea of ​​driving as a black man in the southern United States. "And if we were arrested, I would be terrified."

Tan said that he had spoken to Vos about making a media production in the United States. The presenter spoke to Vos about the situation after the death of George Floyd due to police brutality of a white officer.

To Vos' comment about what he would have done as a white man "wrong in his life," Tan replies that "you didn't do anything wrong at all." is hand. "

Black American George Floyd died in late May after a white police officer put his knee in the neck during an arrest. Floyd's death has sparked protests worldwide against racism, including on Wednesday in the Amsterdam Southeast district, where more than ten thousand peaceful demonstrators abided by applicable corona rules.

Overview: Police Violence in the United States