A student fell victim to a racist attack in Saarbrücken. An arrest warrant was issued against the alleged perpetrator, a 24-year-old German. The fact is an attempted murder with assault. 

As the Saarland Attorney General announced, the alleged perpetrator is accused of stabbing a Gabonese student several times with a knife at a bus stop in Burbacher Markt in Saarbrücken early Saturday morning. However, this had managed to avoid the knife attacks.

According to investigations to date, the 24-year-old initially spoke to the student who was waiting for his bus about his skin color. He told him that he would kill him. Immediately afterwards, the man struck the student with a punch and then tried several times to stab him in the neck and upper body area with a knife. After loud calls for help from the victim and possibly because of a passing car, the accused then fled the scene.

According to the Attorney General, the police arrested him near the scene of the crime. The Saarbrücken district court issued an arrest warrant against him for attempted murder involving physical assault. The 24-year-old was admitted to the Saarbrücken correctional facility. According to the information, he may have been under the influence of drugs during the crime.