King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attended the reopening of the National Theater in Theater aan het Spui in The Hague on Wednesday evening. The royal couple saw two performances from a series of special shows that can be visited by up to thirty people.

The king and queen were present at the Declaration of Love by actress Romana Peace and You are my mother , a text by the late actor Joop Admiraal performed by Rick Paul van Mulligen.

Afterwards, the royal couple and the other theatergoers took part in a discussion with the actors and directors involved.

King Willem-Alexander expressed support for the culture sector and discussed the consequences of the corona crisis for the sector with, among others, director Cees Debets of the National Theater.

The National Theater currently plays twelve performances in the series The National Theater always plays , which are inspired by the current time. The shows are rehearsed briefly and are performed without great decor or technique.

The theaters were allowed to open again after eleven weeks on Monday 1 June for a maximum of thirty visitors. From July 1, a maximum of one hundred people applies.

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