Last year, around 128,900 people obtained German citizenship - 15 percent more than in the previous year. This was stated by the Federal Statistical Office. This means that the number of naturalizations rose by 16,600 or 15 percent compared to the previous year 2018 and reached the highest level since 2003 of 140,700 naturalizations.

According to the Federal Office, almost half of the increase with an increase of 8,000 is due to increased naturalization of British people. The number has increased significantly since 2016, the year of the Brexit referendum. In 2015 it was around 600, in 2019 it was 14,600.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the majority of naturalized persons in 2019 were Turkish nationals with 16,200, followed by Great Britain with 14,600, Poland with 6,000, Romania with 5,800 and Iraq with 4,600. Overall, every third naturalized person came from an EU member state.

According to the Federal Office, people from 183 countries were naturalized in Germany in 2019. There were larger increases among people from Ukraine with 1,800 more naturalizations, Romania with 1,500 and Syria with 1,000.

The official naturalization statistics record the number of naturalization procedures completed in the reporting year. The application may have been made before the reporting year.