Najib Amhali says that the audience in his performances is largely white because Moroccan or Surinamese Dutch only decide to visit late. The comedian says in conversation with the Volkskrant that white Dutch people do reserve a ticket in time.

"My rooms are 80 percent white, which has to do with reservations," said Amhali. "Dutch people do that, Moroccans or Surinamese think a week in advance that they want to go. Yes, then it is sold out."

According to Amhali, the audience in his performances is diverse. "From high to low educated and from PVV people to headscarf-wearing Muslim women."

Amhali, 49, was touring his show Where Was I? when the corona crisis threw a spanner in the works. The performances in Maastricht, Deventer and Roosendaal were sold out, tickets were still available for the performances planned in March in Den Bosch, Tiel and The Hague.