Ferry Doedens is not afraid of contracting the coronavirus, he says in Eddy Keur 's YouTube program KEURantaine .

"Zero", the actor answers when asked if he is afraid of the virus. "I've been cuddling with everyone for weeks."

Doedens relationship with the Brazilian Raphael broke down a few months ago. He lacks intimacy. "All we want is love. But of course the pony has to graze and the pony also grazes: I just put the flowers outside. I see a nice boy, so who knows, in a while."

The Good Times, Bad Times actor says that he experienced a number of times that people in the supermarket overreacted.

"I respect and accept it all, but when people in the supermarket are completely pressed against the eggs and milk cartons and turn their faces away, I think, ma'am, I'm not spraying in your face, I'm not coughing in your face and I don't bark in your face. You can just act normal. "

The 29-year-old Doedens is looking forward to the moment when the recordings for GTST start again. "We have already started testing, to see how it is with that 1.5 meter distance. I think it is all a bit of a hassle. Because those protocols, you are not good at that. But we can be happy that we have work . "

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The coronavirus in short

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