Every Friday, the music streaming service Spotify refreshes the New Music Friday playlist, which contains a large part of the new singles released by national and international artists. NU.nl lists a number of striking releases.

Lady Gaga & Blackpink - Sour Candy

Lady Gaga releases her first album in four years. Chromatica is the successor to Joanne that appeared in 2016. On the record, the pop star returns to danceable pop music, this time with influences from the house music of the 1990s. On the record, the singer collaborates with Ariana Grande and Elton John. She also recorded a song with the Korean pop band Blackpink, who previously worked with Dua Lipa.

Listen to Sour Candy here

Emma Shrubs - Where Are You Going

Emma Heesters gained fame with her YouTube channel on which she sings covers of other people's songs. The singer now has more than two million followers and was invited to participate in the television program Beste Zangers . After her participation, she had hits with Rolf Sanchez and Kris Kross Amsterdam and Tino Martin. Now she releases her first solo single of her own, entitled Waar Ga Je Heen .

Listen to the song here

Elettra Lamborghini, La $$ a and Bizzey - Hola Kitty

Bizzey recorded a song with Elettra Lamborghini, DJ Afrojack's fiancé. The Italian became known to the general public thanks to reality series such as Big Brother and Geordie Shore and then started a music career. She already had some hits in her home country and Spain and hopes to gain a foothold in the Netherlands with Hola Kitty . This isn't the only new work to be released this week for Bizzey. Even Through a partnership with Bilal Wahib, Ronnie Flex and Ramiks comes out on Friday.

Listen to the song here

Crook - Train station

Boef announces on Instagram that a new album of his is coming. He says that Train Station is the first single from this record. He looks back on the record at times when he had nothing and slept at the train station. He raps that he is thankful to God for his success, because it is God's will that his music catch on now. "I have to be a millionaire before my little one comes," said Boef about his goals for the future.

Listen to the song here

Miss Montreal - If You Know Everything

Miss Montreal was one of the artists who took part in the Holland Sings Hazes concert series in March , which was cut short by the coronavirus outbreak. There she sang the song If You Know Everything and now decides to release it as a single. "I had chosen the song myself, because I fell in love with it immediately. Now you kept asking if I could record the song with the band, and I have now, purely to cherish this memory," she writes on Instagram.

Listen to the song here