Kyle Newman, the husband of actress Jaime King, has accused his wife of alcohol and drug abuse and, therefore, filed an urgent petition on Friday to provide only care for their two children. Despite three witness statements that the film director could provide as substantiation, the judge rejected the request, TMZ reports Friday.

Two nannies and a former King's assistant have made witness statements , according to documents that TMZ has recognized. The actress is said to have endangered her sons by driving a car with the children under the influence of narcotics.

Newman also claims to have confronted her with substance abuse in January along with fourteen friends of the King. The film director is said to have given an ultimatum to King, among others, of the film Sin City known: The actress had to seek help and if not, he and the children would leave "for their safety".

On Monday, after a previously granted ban on contact against Newman, King filed for divorce, after which a judge determined that the two sons of the couple can at least stay with the director for at least for the time being. On Friday, the judge ordered the spouses to have their say in court at a later date and approved the ban on contact for Newman.