The four presenters who are the face of the special broadcast around the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, will be dressed by Dutch designers. The NPO announced on Thursday that David Laport, MAISON the FAUX and Francisco van Benthum will take care of the clothes of Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit and Nikkie de Jager.

The style chosen for Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light is, according to head of styling Diek Pothoven, between "restrained, yet sparkling to approach the current situation in an appropriate way". "And at the same time give Europe that little Eurovision song that it longs for."

Rombley and Janzen will wear designs by designer Laport, who previously “worked even more traditionally than usual”. "For example, we pleated all fabrics ourselves and made a large part of the fabrics ourselves."

Smit will wear a tailored suit designed by Van Benthum. "We have 'hacked' Jan Smit's outfit, as it were, by literally laying a new design layer over it in the form of placed applications and embroidery," explains the designer.

MAISON the FAUX provides the clothing for online presenter De Jager. "With this dress, we hope to let Nikkie shine even more than she already does and let her shine some light in this crazy darkness with her," say designers Joris and Tessa.

Eurovision special pays attention to 41 songs

In Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light , presenters Janzen, Smit and Rombley still consider the annual music event that cannot be held this year due to the corona virus. The Songfestival was supposed to take place in the Netherlands for the first time in more than forty years, but in March it was decided to postpone it by a year.

In the television program attention is paid to all 41 songs and online De Jager makes a special.