Farmer Geert says that he has become more self-assured by the Farmer Seeks Woman program and that this has led to yet another love, he says in an interview on the site of Farmer Seeks Woman .

In the special reunion broadcast last Sunday, presenter Yvon Jaspers reported that Geert was already happy with Wendy. "With Wendy it is over again. I am now with Ingrid. She recently sent me a message and said that she really liked me. That's how it came and it's going really well", says Geert.

Geert was less lucky in love in the program itself. The viewer previously saw how he went on a city trip with Angela and that when the bomb burst.

The relationships that he established thanks to the program therefore ended in nothing. Still, Geert is happy: "I didn't expect the program to have that much impact, especially on social media. I was surprised by the amount of reactions after the broadcasts, but in the end the program brought love."

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