Following the death of Little Richard, Mick Jagger tells via Twitter on Saturday how inspiring the singer has been for him. The Rolling Stones leader also emphasizes what the artist has meant for pop music.

"I am so sad to hear that Little Richard has passed away," Jagger said. "He was the biggest inspiration in my early teens. When you play his music nowadays, it still has the same raw electrical energy as it did when it shot through the music scene in the 1950s."

Little Richard played on the first tour of the Rolling Stones in 1963. Later he and Jagger also performed with the song I Can't Turn You Loose , as an ode to singer Otis Redding.

Jagger: "When we were on tour with him, I watched his movements every night. I learned from him how to entertain and engage the audience. He was always very generous with advice."

"He contributed so much to popular music," Jagger writes. "I will miss you."

Little Richard scored big hits in the fifties with records like Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally . The singer is often mentioned in the same breath with icons such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.



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