This year, Cees Nooteboom is the winner of the Premio Formentor de las Letras, a prestigious Spanish prize that annually honors an author's oeuvre. The 86-year-old Nooteboom receives a cash prize of 50,000 euros, reports his publishing house De Bezige Bij on Monday.

The jury praises the writer, poet, essayist, translator and art critic for his "unceasing creativity" and calls him "a universal author in whose work the rich European tradition resonates".

According to the five-member jury, Nooteboom is "one of the greatest columnists of our time".

"With his creativity he not only transcends the boundaries of literary genres, the nomadic writer also reveals the boundless in man in his work. With his work, Cees Nooteboom encourages the reader to look at the beauty of an endless world with a clear view. . "

The award has previously been presented to Jorge Luis Borges, Samuel Beckett and Annie Ernaux, among others.

Nooteboom, who debuted in 1955 with classics such as Philip and the others , wrote dozens of novels published in multiple translations. He previously won the PC Hooft Prize and the Dutch Literature Prize for his oeuvre.