When Stef Bos's mother died more than twenty years ago, the singer decided to no longer put his life entirely at the service of music. That's what he says in AD .

"I found out that I no longer necessarily had to work as a fanatic, that I was already very happy with what I had. As a result, something fell off my shoulders and there was room for other things," says the 58-year-old artist. talking to the newspaper.

Bos became an artist, in part because of his mother: "She was a great lover of poems, always gave poetry books to people she loved. She told us stories before we went to sleep, mostly self-invented. And she was very crazy do, take us into her imagination. "

'In my profession you sometimes meet women who adore you'

Bos married his wife Varenka in 2009: "In my profession you sometimes come across women who adore you. You can get wrapped up in that, but in the end I want a reply, someone who puts the fire on me. Such a person is Varenka. I also felt for the first time that the door to children was open. "

With Varenka, Bos has three children, whom he has to teach during the corona crisis at home in Belgium: "The eight-year-old then reads so stuttering:" The. Man. Goes. To. The. Sea. " Every word is equally important, and that immediately brings up ideas in my mind. I should also write a text. "