Emma Thompson sees the film comedy Late Night , in which she plays a leading role, as her revenge on the men who did not recognize her comic talent in the past. According to the actress, the comedy world earlier in her career was a man's stronghold, she says in the Telegraaf on Thursday .

" Late Night is my middle finger to all those men who never saw it in me before," said 61-year-old Thompson. "With this film I prove my abilities as a woman and a comedic actor."

"I once wrote the show Sexually Transmitted for TV channel Channel 4", Thompson gives an example of her difficult first steps in the comedy field. "It included sketches about Salvation Army women discussing cocks. Even when I came to play the scenes at his office, the broadcaster didn't like it. At that moment I thought, 'Wait, I'll get you. ""

Thompson wanted to become a comedian early in her career. As one of the few women, the two-time Oscar winner was admitted to the Footlight Dramatic Club, a sketch group that also included some members of the later comedy collective Monty Python.

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