Memphis Depay (26) has posted a music video online in the night from Friday to Saturday, in which the liger whose footballer previously shared a photo plays a prominent role. Following the clip, three large animal welfare organizations are calling on athletes to 'avoid entertainment with wild animals'.

World Animal Protection, Spots Foundation and Aap Foundation express themselves "disappointed that Depay published the video clip with the liger, despite the request not to do so".

"By taking a picture of the cub and using it in a video clip, you create the idea that it is okay to use animals like this," says Sanne Kuijpers, Wild Animals campaign manager at World Animal Protection Netherlands, on behalf of the three organizations. .

She emphasizes that there is a lot of animal suffering behind a photo or video clip. "Precisely when figureheads like Memphis Depay can be portrayed with such an animal, the idea may arise that this is quite normal. You should therefore not want to promote this."

Organizations sent a letter to KNVB

This week, the organizations sent a letter to the KNVB with the request to urge (professional) football players to avoid interaction with wild animals, so that this could possibly be included in the rules of conduct.

Kuijpers states that this applies to everyone with an exemplary function. "That is why we jointly call on athletes to set a good example."

In the Netherlands, contact with and use of wild mammals in performances is prohibited. "Apparently this has been recorded somewhere where this is still allowed. But worldwide: wild animals belong in the wild."

In early April, Memphis posted a photo of him carrying the lion in a home on his Instagram page. The footballer has had a large tattoo of a lion's head on his back for some time.



Liger cub has major role in music video Memphis Depay