Actor Bilal Wahib assumes that he already has his first child before the age of 25, he says in de Volkskrant on Saturday.

When asked if he wants to be a young father, 21-year-old Wahib replies: "Certainly. For my 25th anyway. If my seed works well, of course. I love children."

The actor is not afraid to be kept awake by a crying child. "I dread puberty, because I know what I was like. If you have my genes, it can collide. But those sleepless nights when he's little, bring it on , I'll be awake anyway."

The actor, who played leading roles in films such as De Libi and Paradise Drifters and is currently seen in the series Mocro Maffia , has been living with his 25-year-old girlfriend for five months. "Suppose it goes out - that doesn't happen anyway, but suppose - then I go back to my mother. When I wake up, I want to feel that there is someone else. Of course I want to be alone sometimes, but I don't want to be alone life, "said the actor.

Earlier this year, during the Berlin Film Festival, Wahib was named one of the ten greatest young European film talents.