YouTuber and radio DJ Bram Krikke are not happy with the recently discredited RUMAG. The company sold merchandise with a term coined by Krikke: 'joe joe'. That is why RUMAG is now being summed, the manager of Krikke tells the AD .

RUMAG became discredited after Arjen Lubach in Sunday Met Lubach paid attention to a benefit campaign that the company had started. He called the company "sad" because it would make money from the corona crisis. For example, T-shirts, coffee mugs and towels with "swiped quotes" are sold. The company itself admits to using slogans and quotes from others.

As a result, Krikke became aware that the company also sold shirts, hoodies and cardigans with its slogan 'joe joe' on it. He now demands that RUMAG take all those items out of the sale.

Krikke's manager said to the AD : "Our legal department has sued RUMAG for the infringement committed against the 'joe joe' brand, which Bram is the rightful owner of," reports his manager. "RUMAG likes to operate in gray areas and makes money with the creativity of someone else, as the founder himself indicates."

Joe Joe was registered in 2018 with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), the official trademark registration body. "We look forward to receiving the proceeds generated from the sale of the products labeled 'Joe Joe' so that we can donate the entire proceeds that RUMAG has wrongfully generated to the Red Cross," management said to the AD .